Top Ten People You Would Like To Have A Mute Button For
10. Jessie Jackson
9. Oprah
8. Rosie O'Donnell
7. The Simpson Girls
6. Fran Drescher
5. Our Wives
4. JC had one but I couldn't hear her... Nin had her on mute
3. Politcians
2. Minions of Satan (AKA the Bush Administration

And the number one person you would like to have a mute button for is.........

Leiph... err sorry Lawyers!

Top Ten Things You Think About While Vhael is Dragging Your Corpse
10. We got some l33t strats
9. Now don't i just feel like a stupid rogue
8. Back from AFK
7. I'm running out of hair
6. Why did they let Tseeth pull?
5. They should have let me tank
4. I wonder what she will take this time....last time I was missing my new Victoria Secret bra.
3. I wonder what Rogues have to do during the fight. What ever it is, it must not piss off the Mobs.
2. I wonder if that AE trap that killed me will pop her stealth too?

And the number one thing you think about while Vhael is dragging your corpse.........

"Heh....I wonder what apendage she's pulling me by"

Top Ten Reasons Why Toag is a Gimp
10. He is an SK
9. He is a DE SK
8. He likes being an SK
7. He is an SK in a purple Ghey BP and a funny helmet
6. He is not a dwarf
5. He is not a Paladin
4. His Str is lower than Vhaelrun's
3. Even without safe fall, any gimp could survive that dive into Paineel (annon)
2. Because V said so!

And the number one reason why Toag is a Gimp.........

Because he hangs out with Tseeth.

Top Ten Things to say to Chitz to make him eat you
10. Any phrase with Chitz and Bath in it
9. Weechitz looks exactly like you
8. No Chitz going into wolf form does not make me a weiner dog
7. Hey Chitz, tell your mother that she can keep her job at the Haffling brothle despite her poor performance
6. When they fix the new Chanter spell I can make you a Frog
5. I heard you were going to roll an SK so you could tank
4. Aren't Sk's supposed to be able to cast?
3. I made a new Froggie alt, he is already killing Trolls
2. I found a great little shop in Gukta where they sell Troll Hide Gloves

And the number one thing to say to Chitz to make him eat you.........

I didn't know Trolls could be SK's

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